all about the princess

when we moved this summer princess grace was put on waiting lists for several preschools. preschool is a pretty competitive market in a "small town". i thought the first week alone with just her and i would kill me.

it didn't

in fact now, we are quite enjoying ourselves. she has the rest of her life to run away from me and go to school, for now i'm trying, and sometimes succeeding, in enjoying every moment.

we put her in a ballet and tap class once a week for 45 minutes. she's in heaven. she mostly loved the tap shoes that had "heels"

here's her first week in class:

although she is through and through a princess, she is being raised with two older brothers and a mostly fearless mother. when we went to playgroup several weeks ago she was the one dragging the other kids to dig up worms. at her friends house she found a slug, and was in heaven

we love this little girl!

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Karin said...

She is my kid of princess. I love worms and slugs, at least I did as a kid. Way to enjoy your time with her! Love seeing your beautiful family. Miss you!