falling in love pt. 2

while maybe not the same kind of love as previously posted i fell in love all the same.  in love with california.
don't get me wrong i am an east coast girl through and through. i would never make it there. i talk too fast, i walk too fast, i'm too uptight and i have an uptight east coast sense of style. all that aside i love northern california.

 first thing princess grace and i did was hop off the plane in oakland into our ford edge (which i also fell in love with, despite the obvious error in spelling) and headed into san fran. we went over the bay bridge and over the san francisco bay.
i loved!

we hit the piers, shopped, ate ice cream and got messy hair from the wind. 
i loved!

we drove the amazing streets. we don't have straight streets here. all streets dead end, go one way or randomly change name, directions or close. these streets while at crazy angles were straight. two cars could drive by each other. what a concept.  i drove lombard
i loved!
 we saw the gorgeous architecture of row after row after row of brownstones. amazing colors, and more architectural details than i ever remember seeing before.
i loved!

as we headed east back toward oakland and the clayton valley area the hills and mountains struck me. they were amazing. they were not green, but covered in sage like bushes so you could see all the bumps and crevices. we talked a lot about sledding, or skate boarding down those hills. or living on the edge.
i loved!

then there was the one thing i will miss unexpectedly. the food. you'd think in such a large urban are we would have amazing food here. the truth is that small authentic restaurants are few and far between. those you find are not necessarily savory to visit (pun intended).
princess grace and i had awesome mexican food and some amazing dessert.
i loved!

ok, virginia i still love you, but i can have a bit on the side with no regrets.


Natalie said...

I sure miss the food of California too! Looks like you guys had a great time.

Stacy Smith said...

I am happy to be here but there are days that I miss Cali.

Heidi Nebeker said...

If you love Northern California imagine how much you would love Southern California! ;) I love the differences. Looks like you had fun!