jp, the businessman

jp, and siblings, have been playing outside with the neighbors everyday. it's great! the weather has been awesome and they are outside!!
jp, however is not simply playing or riding his bike all the time. everyday for a week he, with the help of the younger siblings and neighbors, have been setting up stands to sell everything from rocks (princess grace) to gatorade and even held a mini yard sale. none of these were successful, which frustrated jp to no end. he was really trying, which i felt needed to be rewarded.

i baked several dozen cookies, printed some cute labels and the hubsters and i packaged them up. jp set up a booth outside on a perfect saturday morning in our driveway, which happens to be facing the farmers market on saturday mornings. convenient, no?

he was set to go. and go he did. he sold out all of his cookies. 50 cents for two cookies, so most people were buying two bags. the cute neighbor girls even made a sign and taped it up at the farmers market. he generously gave them a $2 tip (hubsters plan to keep the employees happy). it was a great moment to hang out outside and watch him being successful at something he wanted, and honestly worked for. definitely a proud momma moment

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