oh happy day

I keep using the phrase ridiculously happy because that's what I am. When we moved into this house 4 1/2 years ago it was untouched, and mostly unchanged from the builders specs. The carpet was original, from 1997. That's not dinosaur age I remind you but for carpet age it might as well be. We knew it would be a while before we could pay for new carpet so we dealt. Along the way the carpet just kept getting worse and worse. I couldn't handle the stairs anymore and ripped up the basement short steps because even the site of particle board flooring was better than that nasty carpet. The same thing happened to the stairs going from the front door to the upper levels. That set of stairs got paint, a carpet runner and wainscoting so it was made beautiful. The carpet in the remainder of the house was still nasty and getting nastier. Carpet cleaning was done nearly every year and touch up steaming done far more frequently.
We had estimates done several times with price tags that made us choke a bit. For carpet?!??! yikes! anyway, after 4 years and 2 earnest years of searching WE GOT CARPET! (we waited on the upstairs thinking we couldn't afford it, but we could have had we known the deal we got).

Enjoy the glorious pictures. Perhaps glorious is a strong word, but seriously after Captain Jack and 3 kids, countless students and all sorts of nastiness glorious may not be strong enough.