this kitchen is under construction. sort of. meaning my brain is reconstructing this kitchen while my wallet fights it. we have some big plans on the honey do list, but i have other projects to complete, like painting the foyer, bedroom and hallway before the kitchen even gets touched.

paper towels are like gold in our house. we love them, use them and abuse them to no end. we get the good kind, because you can use them repeatedly. what i hate is the paper towel holders. they are an eyesore, and typically placed where it's highly visible, yet not reachable for little hands. i tried mounting a holder in a cabinet to no avail. the roll was either too thick to store inside a cabinet, or it was just too high up.

enter hubsters genius brain and a late night trial and error, and here's what he came up with.

did you spot it?

underneath that super akward, and attractive green, island is mounted a super sleuth paper towel holder.

a whole blog post about a paper towel holder? really? i know......we all have our vices...dont we :)
and any suggestions about the super awkward green island is welcome. i'm thinking black beadboard, with black counters. but....that's a whole other post

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Christie Norris said...

We probably shouldn't let my children come visit your home. I'm pretty sure the paper towels would be in one long line up and down your stairs.