sniff, sniff...

there are some moments in time that we all wish we could freeze. this is two of them.
my sweet jp just walked into my room, glassy eyed when he was supposed to be in bed. i reminded him to get back into bed. he told me that he couldn't sleep because was thinking of how much he enjoyed the beach this summer. he was so sincere and started tearing up. he said that it was the best part of his entire life, even when he was a little baby. he wants to do it again, every year, with all the same people, doing the exact same thing.

i could not agree more jp.

i wish i could freeze this time, when this sweet little spirit walked into my room at night in tears telling me that a vacation with family 2 months previously was the greatest thing ever. this little boy, who normally talks and talks and talk was sincerely expressing love. i want a freeze frame. i wish i could do it again too my boy.


hannahhosking said...

aw. i couldn't agree more.

thankfulmamaX9 said...

Thats so sweet!!!