naked bum dance...again

so you may remember my kids have a thing with being naked. i know it is completely disturbing, but hey they're kids whaddya gonna do (and yes whaddya is a word). so we, being the crazy parents we are, have always said if there was a naked bum running around "naked bums are fun to spank" and we chase them around. it's all in good fun. again, creepy but funny. well, little sarah at a year and a half is now fully into the game. she now purposely strips down and spanks her own bum. she also does the naked bum dance. of course this is the same child who plays with dirty diapers, so i guess it's all relative.

alright calm yourselves the all too revealing and disturbing post is done. move along people, move along.

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ashley said...

ivy comes up and hits my's usually not naked though.
she is getting so big!