the challenge

as we drove in to our garage several weeks ago i commented to the hubsters that i needed to finish clearing out the garage and buy some more bins. he commented that 12 should be enough. i looked at him and he looked at me (it's one of those moments that can only accurately be portrayed on some sitcom). i said "12 bins for the whole house?"  "uh, well, why? you think you can do 12 bins for the whole house?"
it was one of those conversations where we weren't quite understanding where the other person is coming from, but in the end to me it sounded more like a challenge. So i have taken it!
what things do you think you can do without?
i am freecycling like crazy. giving away stuff that hasn't been touched or used in months or years. we gave away our 6 year old christmas tree in favor of doing a fresh one next year that does not require storing. the kids' papers have been put in binders and toys have been junked or trunked.
it's a very liberating feeling to rid yourself of unneeded things. i don't think the children agree, but again i am the meanest mom in the world.

so12 bins full of non-essentials here we come!
(pretty sure that a move of furniture plus 12 bins is much easier to sell friends on helping)


myrtle budge said...

The real question is what size bins?

'Cause they make some awfully big bins.

myrtle budge said...

Ok, that last comment must have been from my husband. Funny. But I want details. 12 bins? What's in them? clothes? decorations? linen stuff? I just can't imagine and yet I want to!

Christie Norris said...

I think I have close to 12 bins of childrens' clothes alone.

KickButtMommy said...

Oh MY GOSH! I would LOVE to get all our extras into only 12 bins. How fabulous would that be.