worst mom award

i am the worst mom ever. i'm pretty sure of it. i am so mean and demand such crazy things.

reasons i am the worst mom ever:

1. i throw away broken crayons
2. my children have to make their beds in the morning
3. i throw away or give away toys that are not used
4. school papers that are not meaningful get put in the trash
5. my kids take lunch to school instead of buying
6. i don't put desserts in my homemade lunches
7. my kids have chores besides making their bed

so .....what makes you the meanest mom ever?


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myrtle budge said...

I don't let my kids jump on the furniture. I change their chore chart around too often. I don't let them play or have computer time until all of their homework and jobs are done. No after school snack until jobs are done. I don't let them throw balls in the house. We don't have candy in our house. etc......