more teeth

remember this? baby e fell and had serious mouth trauma. we spent days and weeks watching his mouth heal and bruise, so sure that some of his teeth would fall out!
fast forward 7 months.
all teeth that were "damaged" are in place and not even a bit loose. we drive in from church and while i am talking to a neighbor i hear screaming. baby e runs over with blood coming out of his mouth, yelling that jp had hit him with his scriptures.
oy vey! here we go again!
this time it's the opposite side of the mouth and the front tooth is twisted, bleeding and clearly not going to go back into place. ( i have photos so if you want to see it, email me or check facebook).
he couldn't eat or swallow for several hours (for baby e......that's huge) it bled for a long time and we knew it had to come out. i talked to baby e and convinced him to spend some time alone wiggling it and try to pull it out. he was so cute. he went into the bathroom, sat on the potty for some reason and worked on pulling his own tooth out. he tried and wiggled for about 30 minutes. i went in and asked if he wanted mom or dad's help. he relented and allowed dad to come help.
it took all of about 10 seconds for daddy to pull the tooth out.
and there was joy throughout the land....

we've since explained to jp that "feast upon the word of Christ" is not to be taken literally in this house.

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KickButtMommy said...

Coming from someone who has experienced recent tooth trauma in her household, I am VERY sorry!