project table fix

i've had this pair of end tables for several years. i bought the pair at a "antique" shop that has since been torn down. it's hard to say if it was truly an antique store or a hoarders home who had to sell all their stuff before they had their house torn down. i got a pair for $25. they have functioned for what i needed, a place to put my drink and the remotes. after the move they did not a place anymore, and honestly they are not attractive.

i was going to freecycle them, but decided to just make them over. they could function once again. i only have space right now to display one, but here's what i did.

my hubby thought i had bought a new table. he didn't even remember what they looked like before. i don't blame him, i'd want to forget too.

next project to find a darling blue, green and red striped fabric to do curtains for kitchen and pillows for living room.


Stacy Smith said...

Wow. You took that junky looking table and made it fabulous! I bet that looks perfect in your living room now.

Elise said...

It really does look good. Makes me want to go garage-saleing!