laundry room

if you're friends with me on facebook, you may have seen these already.
now.....i've expressed that i got over my fear of color right. well i have to say there are a few colors i actually do not count as colors. white, taupe, and grey. they all seem to be just soothing tones versus colors. (i've never claimed to be design or art savvy)
after going crazy in the living room i painted my laundry closet. i totally forgot a before picture (because honestly who takes pictures of their laundry room.....well ok, not me)but here are a series of photos after.

i painted the walls flagstone and it turned out beautifully.
i then found some beautiful scrapbook paper and decoupaged some frames and printed out the words to the happiest song i know "you are my sunshine".
i then found a bin and painted it sunflower

the best part is the chandelier. i bought a brass light at the thrift store for $5 and spray painted it white. it's all too cute, almost too cute, but i tell you every time i open the doors it makes me smile a little. and to say that about a laundry closet that's impressive..

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