living room

fyi -
i am afraid of color. no really i am. i would have all white couches and taupe walls. maybe it's not fear of the color, maybe it's of messing up. nonetheless, in all the years we have been painting our houses, every one has been a shade of taupe.
well i decided to get over the fear and use color.
here's the living room when we bought the house.

and here is the living room, mostly completed...

it's blue. like REALLY blue. granted the entire rest of the house is now beige for my comfort and sanity, but i did it. i painted a room labrador blue. i love it. it's not perfect, and may not be exactly style perfect, but i used color.

i'm proud of me.

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KickButtMommy said...

AMAZING difference. It's stunning. Really it is.