boom boom pow

on thursday i picked baby e up from school and headed to our friends house to pick up princess grace. e was mad that he couldn't go straight home so i let him ride his bike to pick up his sister. i drove along side watching him (an overprotective mom moment that i was happy to have). a short distance from our friends house he hit a large stick with his bike, over corrected and crashed........hard.

i stopped practically in the middle of the street and ran to him as he darted across the road. blood was dripping from everywhere, and he was freaking out. my brain went completely into that mode of "fix now, cry later". we rode to our friends house and cleaned him up. he was inconsolable. it's hard to survey damage when kids are crying. i was not sure what the damage would be, so we iced him up and we went along our day. 
i taught piano and voice, prepared for my rs lesson for that night, cooked dinner and kept baby e on ice, tylenol and rest. i left and got a text from hubsters that baby e could not open his jaw and that his teeth and mouth were completely misshapen. we had numerous text conversations during my rs class debating on what to do. hubsters called the pediatrician who told us to go to the er. i knew that the er was not the place to care for this poor little guy. we called our amazing dentist, who called us back at 10:30 at night after getting off an airplane. he recommended a "sister" practice to see him first thing in the morning. we decided that a dentist would know more about tooth and jaw issues than an er doc, so off we went to a new dentist.

baby e is used to his amazing dentist with flat screen tv's on the ceiling and nick jr, playing in the lobby. this was not like all. the tech took x-rays and 3-4 other techs were checking out the x-rays too commenting on them. the dentist came over checked the x-rays and checked his teeth. she was perplexed. she said that we needed to go see an oral surgeon. ok?....... she walked into the room next to us and called the oral surgeon. the conversation was someting like this " i have a six year old with a mouth injury that you need to see asap. i dont know, i've never seen anything like it. it's ...unusual" ummmm....hello! i'm right here. tell me what the problem is.

i didn't care, i paid my $80 for their "time" and went right over to the oral surgeon. much nicer place, great staff. $200 , 3 x-rays, 2 doctors, 4 techs and about 15 miles baby e has a severely bruised upper gum line forcing the teeth out of place and forcing his jaw out of alignment. it should set back into place on it's own, and his teeth will either fall out or re-set. we are grateful they are his baby teeth otherwise the story would be much different, and he would look way more redneck than usual.
he's been a trooper. liquid diets are not very exciting, but he's making due.

the helmet he was wearing deserves to be bronzed. we know it saved him from what could have been a nasty head injury with the way he fell. he is excited that he gets a new motocross helmet this week, which gives me hope he may ride again. which means, i just may be riding along side of him for the rest of his life.


A Year in the Life Of... said...

Yikes. So sorry Katrina. I know he will heal and be back to normal soon, but what a parenting moment. I am sure you were totally crazy. Your talk Thursday night was awesome and you would have no idea what was going on. Best wishes to E, milkshakes, smoothies and all the extra little stuff he gets.

Christie Norris said...

I get freaked out every time I heard about this. Maybe I'll lock my kids in the house until they're 16. Wait. Maybe I'll lock them in without me.

♔Reyna♔ said...

I just found your blog, and I love it:) I followed.

And, Oh my gosh-I would've freaked out if this happened to my son! it's crazy that you had to go all around to find out what it was... so glad he's ok and it wasn't a head injury. Hope he feels much better:) Also, good thing it was baby teeth!

Pass by & follow if you get a chance:)

G-Metal, Coco, Angel Face and Bunny said...

Hello! I found your blog going to the "next blog" button from my blog. I feel so weird commenting on your blog, but first of all, what a scary thing to happen to your son, and I hope he doesn't lose a lot of teeth if it's not time! And secondly, the reason I'm compelled to post a comment is because I looooooove the font you have for your blog posts. Can you please tell em how you did that??? If you're creeped out to email me, I understand, but if not- I'm Courtney:

Jen said...

Wow, that is a crazy story! Poor E! It's amazing we survived our childhoods without bike helmets.


AHH! What a trooper to E...wishing him a very speedy recovery. so sad!