oh my heck

i mentioned that whoever could name an object would get a blog post about them, and here it is.

so psycho...aka minds, aka mindalicious, aka min, aka whatever i felt like calling her, was my college roommate for 2 years. holy cow this girl! she is the most fabulous friend. she is the kind of friend that you can talk to even rarely and just instantly reconnect with. we have many a history together.
we met her freshman year living at the glenhole in provo. i think neither of us were in a very good place in our lives, but nonetheless we bonded. probably over boys and ice cream. we roomed the next two years together with dana. they were my bridesmaids, and my best friends, and the girls i knew would always be entertaining. they roomed together after i married the hubster and psycho ended up marrying, ready for this....the hubsters' roommates little brother...get that? well anyway it makes us nearly family. she has a completely infectious laugh, and has more energy than anyone i know. now, we bond over our boys....minus the ice cream, although we definitely need to.
i love you psycho.
psycho + weenie = bff4vr! lol


Min said...

Wow! You are so nice! I'm (pleasantly) surprised there were no "embarrasing" stories! or recordings of some late night karaoke sessions. But just thinking about some of those things makes me smile and laugh! So, thanks for giving me reason to reminisce today. We've had some good laughs over the years (and some good tears, too!)

Oh, 2 other nicknames: mineral and Mindle (although that one may have been more Smurfette's name for me).

By the way, love the Easter pics. That was a good day!
Love you, Queenie Weenie!

Christie Norris said...

oh my roommate pictures. such memories.