psycho was right

you were right "psycho". look for a post all about you in the coming days when i can scan, hopefully an embarrassing, picture of you. i will also explain why i call my girlfriend "psycho" :)

when the hubsters and i started dating over 15 years ago i brought back this piece from the department 54 heritage collection "a christmas story". for years he got one piece of the collection until he completed it. we dont always get it put up for the holidays because of sticky fingered children, but this year we seemed to have passed that phase of our lives and we have it displayed within arms reach.
i love how he carefully sets it up in a specific way and gets so excited to have it out. it's a great piece of family history for us. a display of our "christmas history".


Min said...

lovely. perhaps I shouldn't have been so quick to answer and let the glory (and embarassing photo) go to you sister! But I just couldn't help it! A challenge presented, and I just HAD to TRY to beat the challenge! You've showed me! Better to ask questions first!
Well, do TRY to be kind! I know you have all sorts of "blackmail" on me :) Of course, I've got some on you, too. hee hee hee!
Merry Christmas! Glad the Hubbs got to put up his Christmas Carol decos this year!


it's one of my favorite parts of christmas too! Usually we have the houses up by Thanksgiving, but this year we're running a little behind schedule. Anyway, YAHOO for having kids old enough to be able to enjoy the houses too!