really? change is good?

2 weeks ago i showed up to church and a good brother tapped me on the shoulder and said "so are you going?". i had totally missed the teeny tiny slip of paper placed on the back pew that invited everyone from 3 wards and all singles to a special sacrament meeting the following week.

let the chaos ensue!

i watched and listened, and sadly participated in, the talk surrounding the impending ward split. we knew that we would lose our oakton compadres, and that would mean losing grandma and papa. big fat bummer!

one that fateful day (lol) i decided to leave the kids' home with dad, because i knew the meeting would be longer than the typical hour. good decision on my part because 2 and a half hour later i was on my way home, heartbroken, thrilled, overjoyed, saddened, shocked, and generally bi-polar.

our ward lost many good people, and i said goodbye to my lush lifestyle of cushy sacrament meetings.

we move onward and upward climbing our way out of our hole, and knowing that we will come out stronger and happier than before.

or at least that's what i say today :0)


Karin said...

Good luck with the changes. Things were hard with the changes that happened when we were there, a certain person still brings that one up. Which ward are you in now?

Christie Norris said...

So, the real question is, who do I go to church with now when I come visit next?

Shelley said...

I really hate it when that happens. I'm not even going to try to sugar coat it. But you, stalwart, seem very mature in your attitude.

Seriously, I miss you all whatever ward you're in!!!