the tempest is raging

i have several things going on in my life that i do not share publicly, or even privately for that matter. matters that press on my heart and my soul. things that cause me heartache, pain and a sense of helplessness. i know it surprises many of you that i keep things to myself, but i do.
(i also know you wish i would keep more to myself....yeah,that's not going to happen.)
during my recent studies i read this talk by robert d hales.
i am like the prophet elijah who fled to the caves during the most tumultuous times to hide from my sorrows and pains. i am frequently admonished likewise to "go and return unto thy way".
i must take comfort and know that though the storm blow all around that i have a peace that can calm my troubled heart and a love that can ease my pain


myrtle budge said...

my friends blog just posted "sometimes life just plain sucks and we just have to choose not to get swallowed by it". anyway, good things will come eventually. thanks for sharing. now i know i'm not the only one. must be some wierd sister connection?

Valerie said...

Hope you are able to get through your trials with the peace you need and hopefully the problems will end. Thanks for posting that beautiful rendition of one of my favorite hymns. I loved it.