lazy shoes

I love baby e, but he is among the laziest children alive. honestly. it's ok, we work with it for now.
one of his things that he is particularly lazy about is shoes. he wears ugg's in the middle of summer and rain boots to the store, and even church shoes out while playing. why, you ask. cause he can just slide them on.

now this is totally my fault. i do the same thing. unless i'm working out i'm a "slide on shoe" kinda gal. j doesn't know how to tie his shoes cause he's stubborn and he can just slide his shoes on.
last year, despite my better judgement, i bought crocs. i hate crocs! i understand they are comfortable, but they are not very attractive or really that practical (they may be plastic, but wearing them in the rain is not recommended). not only did i buy crocs, but i bought orange and red. basically the brightest colors they have. e loves the crocs, cause you see he's lazy.

i must confess, i am lazy too cause it's 30 degrees outside and i don't fight against him wearing crocs. i just tell him to put socks on. so at our house the last words every day out of my mouth are e - crocs and socks. to break him of putting his clothes on over his pajama's. seriously....he is that lazy.


Christie Norris said...

I seem to remember your shoes in high school as no longer really having a back on them because you just slid them on and off.

Spymommy said...

I've ruined Soren forever by buying him crocs. His homework calendar for K-garten says "practice tying your shoes". He asks, "but why mommy? I can just wear crocs."