the next idol

we've never really been into american idol, but when i saw the wii video game i had to have it. i mean come on who doesn't secretly love to sing karaoke in the safety of their own home.

i bought the game brought it home and i loved playing it. i sang 3 or 4 songs and had a blast singing "livin' on a prayer" as loud as i could. the kids were dancing up a storm, so i let baby j have a turn.

holy cow

he sang "life is a highway" and rocked it. no seriously. first attempt at scored karoke and my 6 year old scored a perfect score. deductions.

if it's possible for a mother to be proud of a 6 year old for singing karaoke, i'm there.

and no pictures cause seriously my jaw was dropped on the floor. next time.


Christie Norris said...

Only in the secret of your own home? How about the car?

regannmom said...

or your apartment, surrounded by roommates, your future hubby, his roomies, and the obnoxious neighbors downstairs who thought we were too loud ON A FRIDAY NIGHT? Yes, Karaoke has been adventure with you. And it sounds like you are raising another generation on in-home karaoke instigators!
We REALLY need to connect one of these days and get our boys together. Regan walks around singing songs from the radio, asks us to "turn it up" in the car and sings along to the radio, etc. I was feeling a little guilty that his music repertoire consisted of radio music, and he never sang primary songs. So, we have now dedicated Sunday afternoons and Monday nights to songs he is learning in primary, to try to balance out the other 5 days of radio music! hee hee - Mindy