travelogue days 4-7

saturday morning came very early for todd. he woke up early and drove back to las vegas to drop off our rental car and took the shuttle back to saint george. marla and tom were generous enough to drive down to saint george to pick us up so they picked todd up at the shuttle drop off and came to get the rest of us to head out to lehi.
that's about a 4 hour drive, so before we took off we stopped off and saw gramps and pat (where i lost my cell phone and therefore my camera), and we of course had to stop off at:

the only in-n-out location is utah. it was good! bonus point to those who can tell me what's printed on all their cups and container!

we drove the 4 hours to lehi...phew...sat down for 20 minutes then tom drove us to salt lake to pick up our rental car. are a saint!
my side note: never rent from advantage rent a car. we had a reservation but ended up renting from dollar. they were awesome. they even gave us a free upgrade and got us as close to our reservation cost at advantage within $75...which was a steal! go dollar!

we loaded the kids.....again....and headed to:

home....heber city
where we stayed with uncle chris. the boys were thrilled with all of the boy toys that chris had. atv's big trucks, snow mobiles, big dogs, trampolines and unopened hot wheels cars from forever ago. it was fun to stay with chris and the girls for the night. it gave us a chance to prepare for our drive to the middle of nowhere.

i had no camera, but needless to say it was a fascinating stay!

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ashley said...

scriptures on the cups, bags, and all that stuff. there was a time when i could tell you just what scriptures on each, but can't recall right now!
and when did utah get an in-n-out? it might not be that bad of a place after all...

hope you find your phone/camera soon!