travelogue days 2 & 3

days 2 and 3 were spent being very cautious and careful in saint george. i've posted some pictures in a previous post, but here are some more.

we went to the jacob hamblin house one afternoon, and learned fascinating facts about the relationship between mormon pioneers and the native american's)

i know.....james looks thrilled, but he really did have a great time.

sarah on the other hand was developing an ear infection, and was not as thrilled.

the highlight of our trip was on friday afternoon when we drove up to zion's national park where we went to this little wild animal farm that grandma joyce had found. the kids got a kick out of feeding the animals. (hand sanitizer and baby wipes were used liberally so as to avoid any number of childhood diseases that children can get..snicker, snicker)

friday morning we had made a quick trip to tuachan and looking at the crazy cool houses in saint george.

friday night we saw aunt julie and todd's cousin amanda (we are hooked up on facebook now), and packed up for our next adventure.

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