i have no pictures of us staying in the middle of nowhere, besides getting my camera lost there are only so many pictures you can take of dead grass and mini ranches.

let's get to the crazy stuff.....and i do mean crazy. we got to lehi on wednesday night and were greeted by 4 of my sibling and there collective 16 kids. holy cow! as the grinch would say (who i seem to have been channeling this week) oh the noise, noise, noise, noise. my boys were in hog heaven when they found the 2 ginormous buckets of legos', and i was happy that my patron saint tom found my cell phone. hallelujah!
sarah got to play with the baby cousins closest to her in age

now.....thanksgiving dinner.
19 / 22 grandchildren
10 / 12 children / spouses
4 adopted hoskings
gramps & pat
gladys & leeann
did i forget anyone?

here's where we ate

we all got harry potter names. well, james was thomas the tank engine, i was gilderoy lockhart,todd was grawp and sarah was dobby. funny!

the grandkids put on 2 seperate plays during the recovery period, and games, fun and pie was had by all! some male spouses went "home" and rested some hung out. it was so much fun, and it was a great thanksgiving!

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