the beginning - day 1

there was no way i could have done anything online for the past two weeks, I had virtually no internet service (withdrawls stink) so you get a blow by blow so that you too can feel my pain

we left dulles at 11:00 and after a brief layover in jfk we flew into vegas. that airport cracks me up.

we picked up our rental car, which took 45 minutes of entertaining children and if you ever rent a car in vegas be forewarned that exiting the rental car place is like trying to get into the un with a bomb strapped to your body.

we finished all their security and drove up i-15 and headed to saint george. the boys were fascinated by all the lights on the strip at night. i kept hearing "whoa" "look at that one".

this about what vegas looked like to me:

we got to saint george got a full dinner at 11pm and went to bed, exhausted!

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