falling in love pt.1

last year my sweet (and oldest) niece graduated from college, moved east near us and got a full time job. you'd think that would be enough. not "nanners". a classic over achiever she had to have it all.
July 4th, 2011 we watched the local fireworks with nanners and a friend who would eventually become more than just.
over the course of 6 months we got to hang out with, torture and annoy this cool guy and watch as they fell in love. it was sweet. they were sweet. competitive, but sweet.
funny thing; you don't watch yourself fall in love. true story. to watch others fall in love gives insight into yourself and the couple. it was fun, funny and darling.
during winter they got engaged and planning for a spring wedding ensued.
i got to take engagement photos. let's face it....i'm cheap. babysitting was exchanged. fair deal, right
they're cute, huh?
life moves fast and this memorial day weekend princess grace and i got to fly out to no. cali and attend the magical wedding of these two.
it was awesome.
it had it all. beautiful tear inducing ceremony, maori dancing, mormon club dancing, toasts, classy dinner, gorgeous peeps, amazing flowers, stunning views, water, ribbon, lace, purple, purple, purple and even a flash mob.
a full event for sure. nanners did not want to leave. but alas she was convinced to leave and they left soda cans and panties trailing behind the car.
it was every girl's dream

falling in love is head spinning, crazy, nerve wracking, "blissful oblivion", and magical.
falling in love is a beautiful thing to do and witness.
i happily fell in love with my best friend and still get giddy. i find myself continually falling in love with the hubsters "even after all this time? Always!"

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