project obsessions

this past week was project completion week. i needed to start and finish a project in one day. each project i chose was organizational which brings out the obsessive compulsive behavior in me. 
day one was cleaning out the boys room. their room is generally well kept, but behind the scenes it needed work. i plan on painting and i bought new bedding for them for a more grown up room. this project was sorting through clothes and organizing music cd's and then cleaning every cd to make sure they worked. a necessary evil. at the end of 5 ours it looked as if i'd done very little. yet, it was done. 
project two was the dreaded bookshelf. does everyone have bookshelf disasters? maybe it's just me but my kids think books can lay on top of each other at any angle with no rhyme or reason. silly children. 2 hours later and my trusty boyfriend named labeler i got the bookshelf  the way it should be..

 i know you noticed that the book of mormon book is in fiction fun.....whaddya gonna do

the other big project is a week long adventure with princess grace. project wedding. we're heading to northern cali for a week to celebrate my amazing niece's marriage to love of her life. we're so thrilled for her and excited to be part of the fun.

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KickButtMommy said...

Bookshelves...oy. They drive me nuts. I like to be organized and do projects too, but lately I don't want to do all...period.

You are most stingy with posting pics of yourself, but I have to say your face is looking very thin and beautiful.