basement redo

in case you didn't husband rocks my socks. he's pretty much the best thing ever.
he left town....again....and i planned my revenge via home improvement....again.
i had planned on doing it while he was gone, but it became obvious the more i read that i should probably involve him. little did i realize he would do the entire thing. again....see opening statement.

here's our basement pre-business trip

(look behind the cute little girl, and you can see some wall) :)

(sorry about the small size)and that furniture is not ours :)
i don't have any good pictures of the basement. probably because it's been an abused and neglected spot that i was not happy to everyone walk into.
my girlfriend inspired me to do a deep color, so i jumped on in. literally as you can see...
i did a first for me. i bought a paint and did not sample it at all...shocking i know. we have this tv alcove that's awkward and needed something. benjamin moore's grizzly bear brown fit the bill

then came in the hubsters aka handy manny and voila

(the wall color is bleeker beige. the color looks bizarre in photos.)

beadboard is semi-painful. a nail gun is required for sure. luckily i had previously bribed the hubby to do crown moulding with a gun and compressor. i'm nice that way. cutting is way tedious and hard. even more tedious is the caulking, wood filling and subsequent sanding.
we apparently need to buy construction people levels and measuring tapes. frustration galore trying to work with walls that are crooked.
pictures do not do it justice. it lightened up the room so much!
new (to us) furniture will happen this summer/fall which will complete the room nicely.
until then pat the hubsters on the back and tell him how cool he is.


Natalie said...

I love it, especially the bead board. Great job!

KickButtMommy said...

Wow, could I borrow him for a while. Miles has the skills but time. Where do you find the time?

Erin McBride said...

Check you out with the paint and bead board! It looks great!

Stacy Smith said...

The pictures really don't do it justice. Everyone should go see it in person. Looks fab!

Christie Norris said...

You still have that tie-dyed shirt? Sorry, I mean, I love the bead board!