more adventures in renovating

when the hubsters was out of town my girlfriend came over and helped me with this:

i know some people like having "desks" in their kitchen, but mine ended up being a catch-all junk area. The classy blue recycling bin lived in the chair opening and the top was always covered with one thing or another. Organization aside I hated this area.
So we did it.....with a small pink hammer and a teeny tiny screwdriver. Manly tool wielders we were not.
The original plan was to build out my super tiny pantry, but after the demo I realized that the main water line runs straight down through the wall, so another plan needed to be made.

It was a mess. The amount of pilot holes the builders drilled was ridiculous, but the lovely green flooring was intact ( the reason it all got demo'd)

So it all got repaired in time for the hubsters to come home......and NOT notice it. Well he sort of noticed it, but not at first

It had sat like this with various configurations. That darling basket got returned because it would not suit our purpose.

What was our purpose now?

I had removed storage and had a large place where my lovely recycling was now showcased. After much debating I made plans. I kidnapped hubsters from work and we went to Ikea. we found a bench that pulled out and then found three black bins that fit perfectly inside. It was kismet!
Hubst put it together and worked his manly magic and voila

Part I was completed. Part II and III were a little more girly, but required some manly tools of an air compressor and a rotozip to get us


Love the hubsters and

we added beadboard and a bookshelf made out of a pine stair tread. I'm beyond thrilled. I don't care that it's not perfect. It's done, and it works for what we need. A place to hide recycling and hang jackets, and put out some cook books ( which have been in my living room).

Now on to the next project.....


KickButtMommy said...

I want that corner. I need that corner. I also need your DIY prowess. YOU ROCK!

Natalie said...

That is so awesome. I love it.

Christie Norris said...

Love it! I have no idea why they build little desks next to kitchens. Most of the time the drawers are too small to really do anything but hold junk. I want one of these instead!