guest writer - jp

today i got to write a story about a picture of mountains with the beach in the back. the story was about a military soldier who found a chunk of atlantis.
at recess i played a fun game called grounders. the main idea is where one person stands in the middle of the playground and your'e supposed to not touch the ground when the person says grounders. if you get tagged or you touch the ground, you're it.
mom bought us double stuf oreos, and she made donut muffins.
for lunch i packed a cheese stick, a ham sandwich with no mayonnaise, 4 oreos, 2 muffins and a yogurt.
dad, i miss you a whole, whole lot
i wish baby e and princess grace could talk to you. they will probably talk to you some other time.
the high point of my day was when we wrote a story. The teacher really liked my idea. when you get home, i'll tell you the story.


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Anonymous said...

Love the post, James.

Love, Dad