Back to school night

Back to school night has come and gone, but the highlight? jp's letter to me. it reads as follows:

dear mom
I'm having a good year.
I like living so close to the school.
I've already gotten used to getting ready at 7:00 we don't always get homework, but when we do it's always easy, or studying. I like having mr. "S" for a teacher, it's like most Fox Mill teachers were sent off to military acadamy, while Little River teachers started teaching as soon as they got the job. I know I will have a good year, and I want to stay here for years to come. If everyday is like this I'll never want to leave exept maybe a change every once in a while.
My favorite subjects are Virginia Studies, Science, Validation writing, reading, and Library. I hope "Princess Grace" isn't causing you too much trouble while I'm gone.