oh baby..

as if he needed to solidify "stud status" in my eyes, the hubsters has done it again.

about 4-5 months ago, my car had a serious issue. ya see, my car is pretty dang awesome and has electronic everything, including electric folding backseats. they fold into the floor, sit up, recline or sit backwards all with the touch of a button. well, shortly before the move when we would need the seats stowed the back seat electronic seat stopped functioning. a rod bent inside the seat rendering the entire right side seat useless.
stuck like this.....

it was annoying and "VERY expensive to replace". i have procrastinated getting it fixed, because i knew it would be "VERY expensive to replace". well, handy hubsters googled the schematics for our exact minivan and spent 3 hours taking apart the back seat.

...HE DID IT!!

he fixed it after reading a schematic drawing...(remember i told you about that whole nuclear fusion thing).
i think i'll keep him cause he would be "VERY expensive to replace"

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KickButtMommy said...

impressive indeed!