few of my favorite things

princess grace this week stopped saying the word "girk" meaning skirt. i was saddened, and i told her it made me sad that she wasn't a baby anymore. now when daddy gets her dressed it's a skirt, when mommy gets her dressed it's a "girk".

baby e has taken to japanese so well. he walks around the house in the afternoon singing all his japanese songs. i have no idea what most of it means, but i am pretty sure it's better than half the songs i walked around singing at his age : 0)

jp has become quite the singer. we had our primary program on sunday and he was the loudest singer of all. luckily he sings the right words and right on pitch. he "shut down" during the last 5 minutes because he was sick and he couldn't sing anymore. not being able to sing upset him.

these are just a few of my favorite things

"today i am thankful for technology that brings me closer to family and friends so far away"


KickButtMommy said...

I get the feeling you had a lot to do with the primary program. 1st counselor? President? I got put in as 1st counselor 2 months ago, just in time to write and coordinate the whole program. Scared the crap out of me but was a good growing experience.

Christie Norris said...

I think I have a cassette tape of you singing songs at E's age. I'd be happy to copy it for you and post it online. :)