ok, so maybe not life changing, but for the first time in years i went out and spent real money on real makeup. i used to be a huge makeup girl. i loved it. but for the past several years, namely 8 years, makeup has definitely not been on my priority list. i looked in the mirror the other day and thought i looked old. i was looking tired. trust me i am tired, but i do not want anyone else asking me if i am tired. i went out to a real beauty store, had them make me up and bought whatever she used. it felt so good. love it! smashbox, thank you!

also life changing (again, with the drama) is maybe tmi, but my blog, my joy and chance to creep you out. i went and got fitted for new bras. (i told you tmi)i had no idea what i was missing! also shocking for me, i was shopping with a friend for said bras. needless to say it was very uplifting. i highly suggest you get fitted by a pro.

i'm a simple girl, and these are the things that excite me.


erinannie said...

i love you. thank you for sharing the uplifting moments.

Christie Norris said...

Way to go. Maybe it's time for hair highlights again as well. :)

Min said...

I wish I could find a place out here in the west that would give me a pro for an hour who would measure me, and bring my uplifters to my changing room, and help me decide which would be most supportive.
Maybe I need to come visit you, and you can introduce me to your new professional friend!