just for stacy

i read lots of friend's blogs. they are so much fun. they have so many fun things to say, and some seriously cute and entertaining things going on in their life.

me.....and my blog.....

not so much.

that's my life. nothing really to be introspective about. everything is quite straight forward. my life, and therefore my blog is all about the little people who rule and rock my world, and i wouldn't want it any other way.

oh and sometimes a blog post is about food cause clearly a priority :)


Stacy Smith said...

I'm laughing. But I find your adventures with your kids to be entertainment just as I do my own.

Marissa said...

I just happened to be lurking around many blogs today and I found yours. I don't think life needs to be introspective to be interesting. I think our blog is entertaining and humorous. I haven't quite got the hang of mine yet, but you can visit at marissafrog.blogspot.com. Thanks for entertaining me for a little while.