4 months ago hubsters and i made a decision to not put our kids in extra-curricular activities that required two or more days a week. this included sports, a mainstay of the social atmosphere where we live. it felt like our kids would be seen as having the plague or some deadly social disease if they did not do soccer, swim team and other team sports (most kids do 1-2 sports a season). since i am already a "slacker - non pta mom" i figured i didn't care what people thought

what a great decision!

no more running to practices and games and stressing out over dinner times. our kids are young enough and do not have a strong desire to do sports enough to have any adverse affects. after reading this talk by elder perry the decision was simpler. i understand it doesn't work for everyone, but we are so happy that it is working so well for us.

"In our search to obtain relief from the stresses of life, may we earnestly seek ways to simplify our lives." - L. Tom Perry


myrtle budge said...

aaaaamen sistah

Christie Norris said...

Hands in the air, with an amen from me.