southern fried

sometime in february (probably around february 10th) i was assigned/asked to be in charge of our church youth fund raiser. the dreaded 5 letter word:


i had no idea how it would consume me.
in the meantime, i also started watching a friends little girl quite frequently.
i don't think i have gone to the grocery store, for more than that nights dinner, in about 5 weeks.
it's been that bad.
my house is a disaster.
my kids are restless.
my husband feels abandoned.

i am fried.

alas, it is finally over.
no more microsoft excel obsession.
no more trips to the post office.
no more strange people calling me, even yelling at me.
no more mail (this part was actually fun. when's the last time you got a letter addressed to you?)

cub camp registration is done. cub scout fundraiser starts in 3 weeks, and numerous other spring related activities are sure to fill my time. for the time being i think i will snuggle up with the hubsters, get myself a mani-pedi and chill the heck out.
cause like i said

i'm fried!


Erin said...

Wow, now I'm feeling even guiltier for leaving right before the cub fundraiser. But well done with mulch, and enjoy your well-earned break.

Stacy Smith said...

Okay, so now I am cracking up because I just wanted to read the comments but the word verification they are giving me is "multh". Sorta how one might say mulch if they were totally fried. So of I am going to comment just so I can type it in.