oye vey, what a day

we never believe our weather forecasters here. they are the only job on the planet that can get away with being right 50% of the time. well they got it right this time. they called for between 20-30 inches. we got 27.
hubsters shoveled all day long!
we lost electricity at 3 am and didn't get it back until 4pm.
in between we roasted hot dog over the logs, played sorry and battleship and ate mini marshmallows. it's not how i would choose to spend a day necessarily, but we did have a great time.


mbishopp said...

So glad to know the power is back on for you. It couldn't have been fun.
Love how you made it exciting by roasting marshmellows, hot dogs and games!

Shelley said...

That makes me a little bit jealous, but when ever our power goes out I go to the mall.