do you know?

do you know what this is?
i can tell you that this is the very first christmas present i ever bought for the hubby...before he was even the hubby. he was the boyfriend at the time. this was the first purchase of a set.
if you can name this set i will reward you with a blog post all about you!
i dare you.
i double dog dare you (see how i skpped protocol and went right for the double dog dare).
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Min said...

It's from "A Christmas Carol" set. Gotta love google!

Min said...

Oh, it is also a Heritage village. Is that specific enough?
How come I don't remember seeing this? I lived with you during the time this gift was presented to your "then boyfriend". Geez leweez!

myrtle budge said...

Christmas Carol heritage village. i think i bought you a lampost or something one year.