monticello and luray

i dont plan trips very well. i usually think about it for a day and never say anything to the kids for fear of opinions. i woke up and asked kids if they wanted to go to thomas jefferson's house. they were we went. it took about 2 hours to get to charlotesville. we bought tickets and rode the bus up. the kids were stoked about the bus. we started tour with the tour guide showing me where the exit was. i smiled and said thank you. she then proceeded to remind me where the exit was every room we went into. the boys were angels, and princess grace was pointing at things. nothing noisy or annoying. by the third room when she reminded me, i grabbed the boys and headed for the exit. she stood in front of me blocking the exit, and said "you dont have to go". ha. apparently i do. i ran over her foot trying to get out. i felt better, and hoped i hurt the corns on her nasty crusty feet. they have a new kids discovery center, which more than compensated for tour drama.

after monticello it was only 2pm, and i thought we could do more, so we headed an hour north west to luray (pronounced lew ray by locals). the caves are wicked cool. they now do a self guided tour with head sets with a tour for kids and a tour for adults. the boys did the kids tour and were enthralled. it was so worth the time.

an easy day trip for me with well behaved kids and fun things to do in the great commonwealth we live in.


A Year in the Life of..... said...

What a terrible tour guide. If your kids were behaving, why did she keep pointing out the excites. Not very nice of her. It sounded like the rest of the day was more of a success. Glad you had a great time.

Erika said...

I can't believe how much you crammed into one day. SO fun. Too bad you had a not so nice tour guide...seriously, some of those older guides can be a little unfriendly. You're kids must be good travellers.