a favorite summer memory

one night i got wanderlust. i needed to get out of the house. i needed to explore. 2 of the boys did not want to go so at 8:00 at night baby e, princess grace and i took off for sights unknown. we headed to downtown dc, and baby e wanted to go to the lincoln memorial. we couldn't find parking so we ended up at the jefferson. we walked along the river and went up to the jefferson. baby e was intrigued by everything. asking questions and genuinely interested in everything. it was so much fun. it was a very sweet moment for me. no whining, no complaining, no demanding, just calm, quiet and fun!

as we left baby e wanted me to take this picture of him by this giant urn. he thought it was awesome.


Sheila said...

I loved this post!

Erika said...

I love how you just picked up and left. My girls would have been out cold by the time we got downtown so I wouldn't be able to do anything...but maybe some day when they're older. Man, it makes me want to do it right now...if only I didn't have dinner cooking.