kirtland weekend

we took off for kirtland thursday morning. it's a 6 hours drive and the kids were awesome. we arrived at our friend's house and it was playtime. the kids got into a water fight, and played hard. we got up friday morning and went into kirtland. it has changed quite a bit since i have visited and hubby has never been. again, the kids were great. it's an amazing place to be. i think the kids liked the sawmill the best.
we then dialed in the gps to see what else was around. i chose a submarine in downtown cleaveland. on the way there i got freaked out by f-16's flying around. i have lived in dc too long. i assumed that someone had flown into restricted airspace and were being "chased down". i never even thought of an air show. traffic literally crawled as we made our way to the air strip where the air force thundercats were practicing for the next day's air show. it was awesome!! these pilots are undeniably the best in the world. crazy!!!
we found the submarine and the kids had a blast shooting the boats in the lake down at the stern. lake erie was gorgeous and quite clean when compared to my recent visit to the potomac river.
we headed back to k&r's house for a night of food and fun. we headed out to watch the sunset on lake erie. wow! so much fun. we stood on the beach throwing and skipping rocks. so serene and calm.
it was an awesome weekend. no fighting between siblings. the friends all got along, and hopefully we got out before we wore out our welcome. it's nice to have such kind friends who allow us to crash their calm house for a few days. thank you!!!


Elise said...

No fighting? I don't care where you go, that does sounds incredible. It is really fun to read about your adventures.

Erika said...

Jon and I were thinking of taking a long weekend up there too. That's on our short list. Sounds like a fun family trip!