my frustration

if i can't rant and rave why have a blog. so here we go...

i've made a decision to live healthier, lose weight, work out and to eventually run a mini marathon. for the past month, yes it's only been a month, i have been hitting the gym 4-5 days a week, cutting calories and not eating after 7pm. i feel like i'm doing good.
well imagine my surprise when i get on the scale today only to see that i...
gained weight!! 3 pounds!!

and please i do not want to see a single one of you tell me that i am probably losing inches, or my body is just changing cause i know all that, but numbers show me with my own eyes a visible proof that my work is paying off. my ultimate goal is weight loss. how can i net 1000-1200 calories a day and not lose weight.
so in my self pity i was driving to pick up baby boy from preschool just about in tears and ready to self loathe when on the radio came one of the greatest 80's hits

faith by george michael

i wont put up the youtube video because there's too much bum in the video for you my friends ;) but trust me listen to it online and it will get you moving, remind you not to give up and make you want to shake your money maker!!


regannmom said...

I totally feel ya here, sista! It's one of those things where ya look at what you're doing and wonder what the h more you can do! Well, as our dear friend George Michael says, ya gotta have faith! And some kick butt trainer from "The Biggest Loser" to teach us the secret!??! Anyway, I'm proud of you for hitting the gym so hard. The only advice I have is: Stick you tongue out at that scale and blow it a raspberry! There, feel better? Love you! Good luck! Mindy

A Year in the Life of..... said...

Okay, first and foremost, you are not eating enough calories. I know this sounds crazy, but it true. If you are working out 3-5 times a week, you really need to make sure you eat enough calories so your body does not think you are going into starvation mode. At that point, you body just stores food and does not lose.
Second of all, good job on making to the gym as often as you are. It will pay off in the long run. Remember, it is about being healthy and not about losing weight (I know, roll your eyes!) Keep up the good work and I promise you it will start to show. Everyone's body is different. Don't give up.
Lastly, I have some great nutrienist (sp??) if you need one. They are all in the Reston/Herndon/Tysons area.
Best of luck and keep your head up high!!!!

Christie Norris said...

You may want to check your scale. Mine's not digital, and I when I looked at it the other day, apparently the kids had been playing with it and instead of zero it was at 75 lbs. :) I'm glad I hadn't stepped on it before I noticed that.

Anonymous said...

I've just been sitting around getting fatter and pretty much wanting to eat all the time, so whatever your scale says, thanks for posting about your efforts, it's motivating.