indulge me

i need to reminisce.

driving is an important part of my life. i know it seems funny and for many it is a burden to drive, but for me it is my freedom.
when todd and i were friends (remember those years before we were dating) we would drive. anywhere. anytime. we put hundreds if not thousands of miles on cars just driving. those drives were sometimes silly, sometimes quiet, sometimes serious and sometimes they were just plain ridiculous.
our relationship was cemented (pun intended) by drives. we were driving when he tried to break up with me. we were driving when we kissed in front of our roommates admitting that we were dating. we were driving(well parked)when we got engaged.
my roommates will always remember our annual drive up provo canyon on the first warm day of spring with windows rolled down and the radio blaring. i still say to todd on the first warm day "it's a provo canyon day". even on a recent date night we drove around the area for 3 hours and talked. it was fabulous
driving is my release and my stress reliever. so if you catch me alone in the car, driving aimlessly don't worry, i'm probably clearing my head.

oh, and again bonus points for the person who can correctly identify the road above.


mrs. r said...

squaw peak.
what can i say? been there a few times. (wink. wink. coy smile. another wink.)

Christie Norris said...

I would have guessed Squaw Peak, but I don't remember it being paved so well.

I think the driving is a Banks thing. Graham doesn't get it.

Pattee Family said...

Looks like my guess has already been taken by the other two...I was gonna say squaw peak as well, although I wouldn't know since I'm not that kind of girl :) I LOVE to drive too, although I can't say I've driven aimlessly around for hours and hours like you...although it sounds like a good idea (especially with dropping gas prices!). That's funny that so many important moments in your relationship with Todd have happend in a car...who'd have guessed!