everyones got 'em

i have a few secret "crushes", and since secrets can kill i need to share.

1. patrick stewart. although i prefer him in uniform, i like him out as well[wink wink]

2. dog the bounty hunter. ok, this is not dwayne "the dog" chapman, but how can i not post leland - oi vey!

3. drummers. good drummers. drummers make or break a band.
ok trombone players aren't that bad.

and the last one i will confess to......

4. harry connick jr

hmmmmm....i think i have a thing for bad boys......

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Sharis The Bunny said...


Don't feel bad, I have a thing for Penn of Penn & Teller. Weird, I know. Can't say it even mildly surprises you though.

I also have a thing for Christian Bale.

But, ya know...they're both married and so am I :)