dont leave home without it

i should mention before i start that i love my iphone. sleek, little, light and easy! i always have it on me, or at least in my car. well yesterday i left it in the house. big mistake....huge! as i came home from my 3 hour long shopping/errand day i noticed my phone was in the house. i checked it.......19 missed phone calls from todd. oh man!!! what's up? he locked his keys in his car.....4 minutes away in alexandria/falls church. i fed sarah and left to go get poor todd who had been stuck at target for 4 hours. i left at 3:30 and arrived at target at 6:45! it was unbelievable. poor guy waited at target for almost 7 hours. needless to say...he's had his target fix for a while now, and i have had my fill of sitting in a car with 3 kids! i was totally glad to have my sweet epidural minivan; GPS and DVD player totally rock again....wont leave home without them.

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