cold and flu season

i can no longer claim wonder woman like strength against the gajillion germs brought in by children. in fact i started it this time. after throwing the mommy handbook away where it says mommies should not be sick for the welfare of the family i immediately blew chunks. sorry. too descriptive? ok i got very sick in a very bad way. better? i assumed that i had food poisoning. that's what it felt like. and about an hour after i got sick elijah followed. this began the downward spiral of a 12-24 hour vomit fest. oops sorry too descriptive again..uh humm....a very bad sickness fest for everyone except sarah, for which we are grateful. we are also grateful for a carpet steamer purchase (especially since it was on sale!! thanks target). james is a good aim, but elijah is not..nuf said. also did you know maple syrup is essentially the same coming up as it was going down. oh darn there i go again. i'll stop before i make you all get sick in a very bad way. :0)

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