park day

we have made some new friends recently that gave us an amazing opportunity this past week. now some of you wont care, but for me this was awesome!
we got vip passes to go into redskins training camp for the last day of camp for the last time in ashburn for a minimum of 7 years (they are moving camp to richmond for 7 years). i had planned on taking the kids to watch training camp this whole pre season but hadn't gotten around to it yet. when we told our friends our plan to go they hooked us up.
here's some shots

 uh yeah that would be coach shanahan talking to baby e. that was awesome. we had total access.
i didn't get many pics,but i saw and shook hands with some skin superstars. it was so much fun!
i don't think the kids fully realized how cool it was but i did and for sure i will never forget.

hail to the redskins!

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