purple potential

two posts in one week. i'm on a roll peeps.

in my quest to make my mark on virtually every surface of this house i made a impetuous decision that turned out better than i expected. it also got me thinking.

this is my front door
(okay full disclosure, technically i'm fudging i forgot the full before picture so this is my neighbor's house with the same color front door)

our door faces another door and does not face the street so it's not the first thing you see.
at a distant it looks fine. every time i looked at the door though i saw what it could be. i wondered what color it was supposed to be. i realized that the only way to answer those questions were to actually make some improvements...to try. to make an effort and see what it really could be.
i found a color online and again bought it sight unseen, untested and went for it.
woah...really? that's what you can be, what you once were. ok then let's keep going...
i pulled off the door handle and spray painted it black then stuck on vinyl numbers on the door. it was amazing the difference these little changes were making.
i thought about changes that i make or need to make. corrections that others may not notice.
everything looks ok from the outside, but you know there's something more you could be. for me these are not just physical changes, but mental and spiritual changes as well. you may not notice the changes, but they happen and i hope that they make me a more pleasant person, a person more fulling living up to my potential. (that last phrase is for my mother)


Kristen said...

My kid's preschool teacher in Utah had a purple door to her house. I love it! I really like the vinyl numbers too.

KickButtMommy said...

Why do I let even the little changes stop me?

Stacy Smith said...

love it!