home improvement

my poor hubby. we knew when we bought this house that updates would need to be made. i just don't think he realized truly what that meant.
for me it means midnight painting parties.....alone
i like oak, but do not like the look of oak. does that make sense? so my job is over the next year to eradicate it from my house. here is one start.

our master bathroom is sort of a long hallway that runs the length of our bedroom. it's small but it works. it has 18 foot ceiling like the master bedroom, making it sort of awkward, but open feeling. i would love to put in a skylight one day....somewhere the hubsters head is exploding.
this is the start of my bathroom makeover.

the problem:

oak cabinets

the solution? Ripping them apart and sanding, and priming and sanding again,:

so they could be painted:

and bejewled:

next up.....taking down that giant mirror and replacing it with two framed mirrors, and replacing the light fixture, and replacing the faucets, and tiling the floor, and replacing towel rods, and changing out the shower fixture, and that skylight.
see why the hubsters just rolls his eyes at me and let's me paint by myself at midnight. :)


Natalie said...

LOVE your new bathroom. I wish I had your home improvement enthusiasm and skills. Maybe when I don't have two little girls under my feet all day...

KickButtMommy said...

I thought this said tilting the floor. Couldn't figure out what in the world that was. I want to paint my kitchen cabinets black, but Miles doesn't believe me when I say it will look awesome.

Christie Norris said...

Wow. I get to the end of the day and collapse in exhaustion. I hope to have the energy you have someday to work on projects like this after my kids go to bed.