when the hubsters came home during lunch on friday we ended up cleaning out the car a bit. (i'ts amazing what two boys who spend very little time in a car can do). while he was wiping out the cup holders and windexing everything in the back seat i was wandering aimlessly in the garage.
me wandering is a bad thing.
i spotted a can of spray paint.....a very bad thing.
you should know by now i need an spray paint intervention. even the 10 year old neighbor asks me what i am going to paint today.
because i started this project on a whim i did not get a before picture, but here is what i did:

this door was some bizarre, maybe not even primed pinkish greige color. i used real paint for the door. i see a greige? door and i want it painted black. i finally have A door painted black. the front door color is mandated by the HOA. it's purple.....i can live with that :)

the spray paint was used to spray the risers white. i did 2-3 coats of satin white. i then used my black outdoor satin paint that i used for the door to paint the treads. i then sprayed the treads after they dried with a sealant. i loved the stairs. the white is too white, but i like it. now this is a garage done at the last minute, so i did not even sand, fill or take time. it's for fun.
the white was a bit too much so i painted return with honor on the risers.

you likey?
i'm not quite ready to do all the stairs in the house yet, but it's a great trial run!
(oh and really the door is in horrible, horrible shape. let's just say there's duct tape on the door as well as massive dents, and the previous owner painted a ten foot span of the garage blue. i'ts weird, but that project is WAAAAAAYYYY low on the list)


KickButtMommy said...

Me likey lots! Have you ever seen Home with the Novagratz


lots of likey! i love the "return with honor" on it too. What a great daily visual reminder for everyone!